Account balance

An account balance is the amount of the token that is stored on the account.

One account can store different tokens in different amounts. For example, an account can have 50 WAVES and 200 WCTs at the same time. The amount of the Y token on the account is called the account balance in Y token. If there is no Y token on the account, it is said that the account balance in Y token is equal to zero.

Account balance in WAVES token

There are four balances in WAVES token:

  • regular
  • effective
  • available
  • generating

In addition to WAVES that belong to the account owner, the account may store WAVES that belong to other accounts — those are leased WAVES.

The regular balance is the amount of WAVES on the account which belongs directly to the account owner.

To explain the effective and available balances, we will introduce the following designations:

A — regular balance,

L — the amount of WAVES which account leased to other accounts,

R— the amount of WAVES which were leased to the account by other accounts.

The effective balance is:

A - L + R

The available balance is:

A - L

The generating balance is the minimum value of the effective balance during the last 1000 blocks.

Top up and view account balance

You can buy and sell tokens using Waves Wallet and Waves DEX applications or at one of the centralized exchanges.

You can view your account balance in Waves Wallet, Waves DEX, and also in the browser extension called Keeper.

Example of the Wallet window with the list of tokens on the account:


You can view the list of tokens on account in Waves Explorer — for that find the account by its address or alias and go to the Assets tab.


Retrieving account balance using Node API

You can get account balance in WAVES by using the Node API request.

Example of the request:

curl<account address>

Example of the response:

  "address": "3PMCn1EHq4WrsfUazezyYu23H1gHKvuffER",
  "regular": 6086358429,
  "generating": 5086358429,
  "available": 5086358429,
  "effective": 5086358429

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