Token management

Open the token dashboard by hitting My tokens at the top-right menu.

Available options for token:

Add ticker

A ticker is a token’s unique identifier, used by exchanges and users as a currency code.

If the token has a ticker, it is easier to remember, easier to find and more readable to display on the exchange. Without the ticker, the trade pair string may not be displayed properly, for example:

If your token has a high rating, WCT weight, and votes sum, you can create a ticker for that token for the exchange. The ticker should be unique within the Waves ecosystem and consist of up to six uppercase characters. After adding a ticker, it is not possible to edit or change it. The created ticker can not be used for other tokens.

You can add a link to the website of your token or project.

This information will only be displayed on the Token Rating token card. You can always change the link.

Add additional information

If the description you specified when issued the token is obsolete, or if you want to extend it by specifying additional information about your token or project, you can add an additional description.

This information will only be displayed on the Token Rating token card, along with a description from the token issue transaction. You can always change this information.

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