What is Waves Platform

Waves Platform is an open blockchain platform which is designed for ease of use and mass adoption.

  • It's a comprehensive blockchain ecosystem that provides all necessary features for business adoption.
  • Fully functional exchange that is as fast as a centralized one but does not suffer from the same security issues.
  • Smart contracts include account and token controls, which provide functionality to implement features such as multi-signature wallets, atomic swaps, 2-factor authorization. Waves also introduces a new transaction type which is called “Data Transactions”. Data Transactions is a way to post Oracle data to the blockchain all within the smart contract code.

  • It's decentralized multi-purpose exchange platform (fully decentralized, transparent and auditable)

  • It provides the services of launching, distributing and trading crypto token (creation, issuance, transfer, exchange of assets and custom or fiat tokens).
  • Bitcoin, cryptos, fiat currencies, and all types of real-world commodities and assets can be issued, transferred and exchanged in a fully decentralized manner.
  • The fiat-crypto problem is solved through Waves fiat gateways.
  • Built on top of the Scorex framework.

Note Please find here the instructions of using this guide.

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