Data transaction

Data transaction is a transaction that writes data to an account data storage.

Each data transaction has a data array that contains data to be written. In JSON representation of a transaction the data array is the field data.

Data array of a data transaction

The maximum length of an array is 100 elements.

The maximum size of an array is 150 kilobytes.

Each element of an array is an object that has 3 fields: key, type, value.

An array cannot contain two elements with the same key field.

The key field

The key field is a non-empty UTF-8 string.

At the stage of transaction validation, the key field is converted from UTF-8 to UTF-16 encoding. The size of the resulting array of 16-bit words must not exceed 100 elements. Thus, the size of the key must be from 1 to 200 bytes inclusive.

The type field

The type field specifies the type of the value field:

  • 0 — integer
  • 1 — boolean
  • 2 — array of bytes
  • 3 — string

The value field

The size of value field can be from 0 to 32767 bytes.

Binary format

See the page Data transaction binary format.

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