Transaction fee

A transaction fee is a fee that an account owner pays to send a transaction.

A sender can specify any amount of fee but not less than a certain amount. The larger the fee is, the quicker the transaction will be added to the new block.

If a smart account transfers a smart asset, then the fee doubles.
If a transaction is validated by an account script or an asset script, then the fee is increased by 0.004 WAVES

Transaction type Transaction type ID A minimum transaction fee in WAVES Comments
Alias transaction 10 0.001
Burn transaction 6 0.001
Data transaction 12 0.001 per kilobyte The value is rounded up to the thousandths
Exchange transaction 7 0.003
Invoke script transaction 16 0.005 + B
+ 0.004 × C
+ 0.004 × D + K
If an invoke script transaction is sent from a smart account, then B = 0.004, otherwise B = 0.
An invoke script transaction may have up to two payments attached. C represents a number of different smart assets in payments.
In addition to this, the invoke script transaction can invoke a transfer, reissue or burn of different assets. D represents the number of smart assets in these actions.
In addition to this, the invoke script transaction can invoke an issue of assets. K represents the number of issued assets that are not non-fungible tokens.
Issue transaction 3 1 for reqular token
0.001 for non-fungible token
Lease cancel transaction 9 0.001
Lease transaction 8 0.001
Mass transfer transaction 11 0.001 + 0.0005 × N N is the number of transfers inside of the transaction.
The value of 0.0005 × N in the formula is rounded up to the thousandths
Reissue transaction 5 0.001
Set asset script transaction 15 1
Set script transaction 13 0.01
Sponsorship transaction 14 1
Transfer transaction 4 0.001

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