About Waves Keeper

Waves Keeper is an extension that allows you to interact with Waves-enabled web services securely from your Chrome browser.

Waves Keeper API///waves-keeper-api.md

Waves Keeper Features

  • SEEDs and private keys are encrypted and stored within the extension and cannot be accessed by the dApps and services on the web, giving you peace of mind that your funds are always safe from hackers and malicious sites.

  • The process of completing a transaction doesn’t require entering any sensitive information.

  • The user is able to sign transactions with just a couple of clicks.

  • Users can create multiple wallets and switch between them easily, and if the user ever forget the password to the account, he can recover it from his SEED, as normal.

You can view the source code for Waves Keeper on GitHub, or check it like any other Chrome extension.

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