As a User

  1. Install Waves Client
  2. Account Management
  3. Transfers and Gateways
  4. Asset Management
  5. Waves DEX
  6. Mobile Applications
  7. Advanced Features
  8. Security Notes

Install Waves Client

As a user, the first step that you need to do is to install Waves client. To accomplish that, you will need to go through Install Waves Client Guide. The application is very light-weight (~5MB) and therefore downloaded within seconds.

The Waves client is available as:

Note. you can use browser version of the Client as well.

Account Management

After installing Waves Client, you will need to create an account. the account can be created through our Account Management Guide which includes all required information about your account in addition to Waves Keeper feature.

Transfers and Gateways

After creating your account, it's the time to make some transfers and deal with transactions. To be familiar with our transfers and gateways please check Transfers and Gateways Guide. it includes all details about send and deposit operations for external cryptocurrencies which are supported within Waves Platform. All transactions with external coins are processing with the payment gateways.

Note. Each asset issued on Waves can be traded right after that and Gateways will be needed for cryptocurrencies which are not included on Waves Platform.

Assets Management

On our client you can also issue your own assets, The Assets Management Guide includes all details about Issue and Reissue Assets which allows you to create your own asset or reissue more of the same token in the future to increase the total supply of tokens or decrease it by using the burn feature. Also in this guide you will find desription of the Mass Transfer feuture, Sponsored transactions and more.

Waves DEX

To trade different assets back and forth between you and other users. please Start Trading Using our Waves DEX.

Mobile Applications

You can also use mobile applications on Android and IOS to have basic functionality, such as: sending and receiving Waves tokens and Waves based assets, trading on the DEX platform.

Script Transaction

Get to know how to create a script transaction, Script transactions allow you to extend the available functionality of the standard Waves application. One of the uses of script transaction is creating a multi-signature wallet. For more information, please check the following article. Also, script can be developed with Waves Ride IDE.

Security information

Please check our Security notes to guarantee the safety of your funds.

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