Developer guide

Waves provides client libraries to work with the platform from your applications.

Also, you can create decentralized applications (dApps) on the blockchain using RIDE language. The dApps functions can be called from applications using client libraries.

Client libraries

Send transactions and read blockchain data from your applications on Python, Java, C#, Swift, Kotlin.

See the list of supported programming languages on the Client libraries page.

Development of decentralised applications

Start creating decentralised applications following the steps:

Tools for programming in RIDE

  • Visual Studio Code with RIDE plugin
  • Waves IDE — online application for developing and deploying applications on the blockchain.
  • Surfboard — command-line interface for testing and deploying applications on the blockchain.

Waves grants

Waves supports developers with grants.

Find out the details and submit your application on the Waves Labs website.


Place your Waves project and raise funds for it on the crowdfunding platform Ventuary DAO.

To place a project, first become a member of the DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organization). Ask any active user to register you or contact the Ventuary DAO group in Telegram.

After you become a member of the DAO, you will be able to create projects, vote and invite new users to the Ventuary DAO platform.


Get answers to your questions in the Waves development group in Telegram.

Waves platform on GitHub

Waves platform page on GitHub —

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