What is a data oracle

An oracle, in the context of blockchains and smart contracts, is a tool that determines and validates real-world data and submits this data to a blockchain to be used by smart contracts. In other words, an oracle is a data feed(given by third party service) created for use in smart contracts on the blockchain.

Why blockchain needs data oracles

How can smart contracts execute based on real-world conditions, such as price changes, game outcomes, or physical properties if the Waves blockchain has no way of directly accessing these data points through popular 3rd-party APIs?

Blockchains do not have a way to access data outside of the chain(they cannot access data outside their network). Oracles provide external data and trigger smart contract executions when predefined conditions meet. Such a condition could be any data like weather temperature, successful payment, price fluctuations, etc. So Oracles aim to allow blockchain contracts to interact with the outside world.

Blockchains need a special way to query data from the outside world & import it in a blockchain format. Oracles have the single purpose of filling this role as an interface between the blockchain world & the outside world. With oracles, blockchain developers will be able to import & act on real-time data. This is necessary, because the nodes in the blockchain network which execute the smart contract code cannot retrieve external information by themselves.

Oracles Types

The oracle can either bring data inside the blockchain (inbound) or inform an entity outside of the blockchain about a specific event (outbound). Oracles directly interact with data feeds such as APIs, scrappers & web hooks to extract, verify, & push this data to smart contracts on a number of blockchains.

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