About RIDE

RIDE is a programming language for writing dApps (decentralised applications) on the Waves blockchain.

The history of the language

RIDE was created in 2018. The white paper of the language was published at that time also.

It would have been quite difficult to take some existing programming language as the basis and tailor it to our needs. That's why we decided to create a new language from scratch, making it fast (RIDE scripts do not load the network) and reliable (RIDE is a language with strong static typing).

Lack of Turing completeness

RIDE language was designed as not Turing complete. Turing-incompleteness is a result of the absence of loops, recursions and goto-like expressions in the language. Absence of such constructs lets us know in advance, how much processing power will be required to execute the script, i.e. its computational cost. As a result, we can be sure that any calculational operation in the Waves blockchain will complete. Because the processing complexity is known beforehand, we don't need gas, as in the case with Ethereum, for example, — we can just limit the maximum allowed number of calculations per one script by some cap value.

Some facts about RIDE language

  • RIDE is based on expressions.
  • RIDE language is lazy by design.
  • RIDE is not an object-oriented language. By paradigm, RIDE is rather a functional programming language.
  • RIDE is case-sensitive. Because of that, the variables myVar and myVAR will be treated as different variables.

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