Callable function

A callable function is a function of a dApp script that has @Callable annotation.

A dApp script may have several callable functions.

A callable function of a dApp can be invoked by the invoke script transaction.

Example for Standard Library version 3

func rate(name: String, rating: Int) = {
    WriteSet([DataEntry(inv.caller.toString(), name + rating.toString()])

Example for Standard Library version 4

 func foo() =
     IntegerEntry("key1", 1),
     BooleanEntry("key2", true),
     StringEntry("key3", "str"),
     BinaryEntry("key4", base58''),
     ScriptTransfer(i.caller, 1, base58''),
     Issue(unit, 4, "description", true, "name", 1000, 0),
     Reissue(base58'', false, 1),
     Burn(base58'', 1)

[!WARNING] Standard Library Version 4 becomes available from node version 1.2.0, after activation of the "Ride V4 and multiple attached payments for Invoke Script Transaction" (No. 16) feature. See Activation Protocol.

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