Immutable variables

In RIDE language all variables are immutable. This means that as soon as we assign a value to a variable, it's not possible to change its value in the future. Variables in RIDE work as constant variables in major programming languages.

The let keyword

The let is a keyword, that assigns a value to a variable in a lazy way (the word let works like lazy val in Scala language).

The value of the variable, which was defined with the let keyword, will be calculated only in the moment of its first usage. Imagine we have the following RIDE script:

let a = 8
let b = a + 1

As we can see, the script returns true. Despite the fact that the variable a is used in the second line when declaring the variable b, the values of these variables will not be calculated. This happens because the variable b is not used anywhere in the code. Since the value of b is not necessary to calculate, respectively, in this case, it is not necessary to calculate the value of a.


Integer value assignment:

let a = 8

String value assignment:

let b = "hello"

ByteVector value assignment:

let c = base58'5AzfA9UfpWVYiwFwvdr77k6LWupSTGLb14b24oVdEpMM'

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