Structure of an order.


Order(id: ByteVector, matcherPublicKey: ByteVector, assetPair: AssetPair, orderType: Buy|Sell, price: Int, amount: Int, timestamp: Int, expiration: Int, matcherFee: Int, matcherFeeAssetId: ByteVector|Unit, sender: Address, senderPublicKey: ByteVector, bodyBytes: ByteVector, proofs: List[ByteVector])


# Name Data type Description
1 id ByteVector ID of an order
2 matcherPublicKey ByteVector Public key of a matcher
3 assetPair AssetPair Pair of tokens
4 orderType Buy|Sell Type of an order — selling or buying
5 price Int Price of a token to exchange
6 amount Int Number of tokens to exchange
7 timestamp Int Unix time of the validation of an order by a matcher
8 expiration Int Unix time when an uncompleted order will be cancelled
9 matcherFee Int Transaction fee
10 matcherFeeAssetId ByteVector|Unit Token of a transaction fee.
It can only be WAVES
11 sender Address Address of the sender of an order
12 senderPublicKey ByteVector Public key of the sender of an order
13 bodyBytes ByteVector Array of bytes of an order
14 proofs List[ByteVector] Array of proofs

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