Structure of an exchange transaction.


ExchangeTransaction(buyOrder: Order, sellOrder: Order, price: Int, amount: Int, buyMatcherFee: Int, sellMatcherFee: Int, id: ByteVector, fee: Int, timestamp: Int, version: Int, sender: Address, senderPublicKey: ByteVector, bodyBytes: ByteVector, proofs: List[ByteVector])


# Name Data type Description
1 buyOrder Order Token purchase order
2 sellOrder Order Token sell order
3 price Int Price of exchanging token
4 amount Int Amount of exchanging tokens
5 buyMatcherFee Int Matcher's purchase fee
6 sellMatcherFee Int Matcher's sell fee
7 id ByteVector Transaction ID
8 fee Int Transaction fee
9 timestamp Int Transaction timestamp
10 version Int Transaction version
11 sender Address Address of a transaction sender
12 senderPublicKey ByteVector Account public key of a sender
13 bodyBytes ByteVector Transaction body bytes
14 proofs List[ByteVector] Array of proofs

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