Structure of an issue transaction.


IssueTransaction(quantity: Int, name: ByteVector, description: ByteVector, reissuable: Boolean, decimals: Int, script: ByteVector|Unit, id: ByteVector, fee: Int, timestamp: Int, version: Int, sender: Address, senderPublicKey: ByteVector, bodyBytes: ByteVector, proofs: List[ByteVector])


# Name Data type Description
1 quantity Int Amount of the token
2 name ByteVector Token name
3 description ByteVector Token description
4 reissuable Boolean Reissue ability flag
5 decimals Int Number of digits in decimal part
6 script ByteVector|Unit Script that must be set for the generated token
7 id ByteVector Transaction ID
8 fee Int Transaction fee
9 timestamp Int Transaction timestamp
10 version Int Transaction version
11 sender Address Address of the transaction sender
12 senderPublicKey ByteVector Account public key of the transaction sender
13 bodyBytes ByteVector Transaction body bytes
14 proofs List[ByteVector] Array of proofs

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