RIDE Language for Waves Smart contracts

Turing-completeness of a blockchain system can be achieved through unwinding the recursive calls between multiple transactions and blocks instead of using a single one, and it is not necessary to have loops and recursion in the language itself. A script (contract) should be written using our RIDE language. Scala (Waves node is written in it) along with F# influenced RIDE. For now, RIDE language has these main characteristics which makes it simple, expressive and bug-free:

  • Non-Turing Complete
  • Lazy evaluating
  • Strong typed
  • Statically typed expression-based language
  • RIDE has no cycle and recursion possibility, unlike Solidity. RIDE as a language is not Turing-complete due to the lack of the possibility of creating loops or any other jump-like constructions.
  • RIDE can be Turing-complete when it's used in conjunction with a blockchain, since theoretically the blockchain has an infinite length.

Declare Constants

All constants are declared in lazy let constructions, which delays the evaluation of an expression until its value is needed, and does it at most once. For instance:

let hash = blake2b256(preImage)

The hash is not a variable: once created its values never change, and all structures are immutable.

What is Set Script Transaction

SetScriptTransaction sets the script which verifies all outgoing transactions. The set script can be changed by another SetScriptTransaction call unless it’s prohibited by a previous set script.

Matching Expression

There is a mechanism for checking a value against a pattern and you can handle the different expected types in a match expression. A match expression has a value, the match keyword, and at least one case clause:

match tx {
case t:TransferTransaction => t.recepient
case t:MassTransferTransaction => t.transfers
case _ => throw()

Here the method throw() signals the occurrence of an exception during a script execution. In case of throw the transaction does not pass into the blockchain.

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