Building Games on Waves Blockchain

Gaming development is now possible on the Waves Blockchain supported by Waves gaming SDK, smart assets and smart contracts (suite of tools to help developers). The first question is why do the gaming industry need the blockchain technology?

Brief Introduction

Gaming is a digital gateway for millions of people everyday, engaging in activities of all kinds. The one beauty about blockchain technology, is that these activities, however inconsequential or momentous in the game, have a value that can be stored as cryptocurrency.

Why blockchain will bring a new era for gaming

Blockchain presents a valuable tool for gamers due to different reasons including decentralized asset exchanges, verifiable poverty of virtual objects, fast and secure payment networks. The most popular implementation of blockchain technology for gaming is with non-fungible assets. In addition, the search for solutions to presenting sustainable and fun blockchain-based games has led to some exciting innovations in blockchain scalability and asset creation. In gaming, those assets can be anything from game skins to virtual cards part of a specific game that is verifiably limited. The reliability of individual virtual items is guaranteed using smart contract standards. A current problem that torments gaming is the disability to prove the derivation of specific virtual items, leading to fraud. Smart contracts allow users to be sure that they are receiving authoritative items since they are bound to the blockchain.

One of the most visible benefits of cryptocurrencies for gaming is their utility as fast and secure payment networks. The payment advantages of cryptocurrencies are particularly useful for eSports, creating native in-game tokens, and driving faultless transactions on decentralized exchanges.

In-game Items on blockchain

Gamers have bought and sold items on the Market for a big amount of money. For example, The Pink Ethereal Flame War Dog Courier from Dota 2, another Valve game, famously sold for $38,000. With traditional game platforms, you leave your winnings, skins, and any other game items behind the moment you leave it.

With Beyond the Void, your Waves blockchain-enabled game items, such as your avatar, motherships, skins, and chests are 100% portable. Your items exist outside of that world, so the time you spend enjoying the game will translate to ownership of the things that make your playtime unique. You own your skins and can do anything you want with them. Buy, sell, and trade them directly on Waves DEX, It’s your universe (you own your in-game items with true ownership of your digital items). So a fast and secure blockchain-based item trading platform will ensure that players are able to get the most out of their digital inventory.

Waves decentralized payment gateways will enable users to:

  1. Make their payments with fraction of fees.

  2. Trade their items for all major cryptos.

Where does Waves blockchain fit in all of this?

The main motivations is to create decentralized game asset marketplace based on Waves DEX which will

allow for completely unique items or a verifiable limit on the number of items in a game.

Game developers need a platform that will enable them to link in-game items to blockchain tokens so that they can be seamlessly integrated into different games, transferred and traded without friction.

Waves blockchain can enable permanence to digital items, enabling users to have real ownership of them. Not only would that make it less likely that a user would lose their item, it also would allow items to represent different things in different games. A player could combine two items from two different games for an example, and create something not even the developers expected.

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