Account migration from Lite client to Waves client

As you may know, Wavesplatform had several developmend stages. We had Waves Lite client as one of the very first wallet version. Then we created a completely redesigned application, and for several months the wallet had a Beta status.

These instructions are relevant only for online versions used in the web browsers and only if you run into problems with account transferring, since the new online application should do it in automatic mode.

For owners of desktop applications, there is no need to perform any actions with their accounts, since the app will automatically update everything that is needed.

At the same time, you can always restore your account using a backup copy of the phrase. More detailed instruction available in the Account recovery article.

Let's start the migration process

Open the link and you will be forwarded to the Import accounts page.

Click on the Waves Lite Client Import accounts from the Waves Lite Client.

Select which accounts you want to import and click on the Import

And that's it! You will forwarding to the Login page, where you can select the necessary account and login into it with your password only.

Also, you can import accounts from the Seed phrase, Ledger Nano S, Waves Keeper.

See more articles in the Account Management chapter.

If you have troubles with our platform, please create a support ticket or write a question on our forum.

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