Lease Your WAVES


LPoS (Leased Proof of Stake) gives you the opportunity to make the network stronger and safer while receiving more Waves and other assets as a reward for doing so. It's the so called Leasing.

Most people don't have 1000 WAVES to run their own node, so they are still able to help the whole project through leasing their Waves to someone who is able to run a node.

Most big nodes pay in a one week cycle to their users. The LPoS reward depends on the conditions of the selected pool.
We do not regulate the payment process, so before using LPoS service, please read carefully the terms of payment and do your investigation of the pool that you want to use.
The terms can vary between LPOS pools. Please use the list of nodes -

How to Lease Your Waves

Open your Waves wallet and at the top-left menu click on the Wallet. In the drop-down menu click on the Leasing.

You will be forwarded to the Leasing page.

Note For the quick details, please read Quick note from the drop-down menu.

Click on the Start Lease button to lease Waves tokens.

This will take you to another tab.

The Leasing section has two boxes: one to specify the recipient address which would be the address of any mining pool, one to specify the amount you are willing to lease. Note The list of nodes can be found here

Fill in the fields and click on the Start Lease button.

Check the entered data and if everything is correct click on the Send button.

Once you press the Send button, post entering the requisite details, the leaser would be able to see a new transaction in the Leasing transactions table.

So, it means that you have successfully leased your Waves.

How to close Active Lease

To cancel your lease simply click on the Leasing in the Wallet drop-down menu and find the active lease and click on its menu at the end of box. And click on the Cancel Leasing.

This will take you to another tab.

Check the entered data and if everything is correct click on the Sign button and then on the Send button.

That's it! You'll see the The leasing canceled complete.

See more articles in the Account Management chapter.

If you have troubles with our platform, please create a support ticket or write a question on our forum.

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