What is a seed phrase?

The seed phrase is a set of words that allows you get access to funds of your Waves account.

When you registering an account, you will be always asked to save your secret phrase (Seed) which contains 15 English words with spaces between each word.

For example, a standard seed phrase looks like this:

uncle push human bus echo drastic garden joke sand warfare sentence fossil title color combine

Moreover, it will always generating one Waves address: 3P9KR33QyXwfTXv8kKtNGZYtgKk3RXSUk36

Seed phrase of the account can be found under Settings > Security > Backup phrase.

How it looks like in the Waves app:

If you are importing the seed passphrase and you are getting a completely different Waves address. In this case, there are some changes in the imported phrase. In other words, one seed phrase will always generate only one Waves address. If the address is different, it means that the phrase has differences in at least one character. For more information, please check the folowing article

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