What is an airdrop?

Q: What is an airdrop? A: An airdrop is the act of distributing tokens to multiple addresses. This is often used to reward holders or spread awareness for a new token.

Q: How do I get an airdrop? A: To benefit from an airdrop on the Waves Platform you will need to hold the relevant assets in your Waves wallet. For example, if an announcement says "Airdrop for WCT holders" this means you must hold WCT tokens in your Waves wallet when the airdrop happens. Holding tokens on exchanges or other hosted wallets doesn't guarantee you will receive airdropped tokens.

Q: When is the next airdrop? A: We announce all of our airdrops through our social media channels - please follow these for the latest details.

Q: What tokens will I receive? A: Airdrops can be tokens from various Waves ICOs, tokens issued by the platform for different purposes (e.g. the Liquid token) etc.

Q: How are tokens distributed during airdrops? A: Now that Waves-NG has been activated, it literally takes just a few minutes to distribute tokens to several hundred thousand wallets. Usually, the amount of tokens you receive during an airdrop depends on the number of tokens you are holding in your wallet. Follow Waves' official News and Announcements channel in Telegram to keep up with the latest news!

If you have additional questions, please read the following articles:

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