​How to burn issued or spam Token

Here you will find how to decrease token supply if you are the token issuer or burn any spam tokens if you no longer want to see them in your Waves account.

Open your Waves app and log in to your Account.

On the main page called Assets find and tap on the required asset.

The following window will appear. Here you will find Available balance, Last transactions and Asset info. Scroll to the bottom of the page.

Click on the Token Burn.

The following window will appear. Choose the required quanity of burning tokens or tap on the Use total balance and click on the Continue.

The following window will appear. Check the entered data and if everything is ok, click on the Burn.

Warning: Be careful, after confirmation the burning process cannot be canceled.

See more articles in the Assets Management chapter.

If you have troubles with our platform, please create a support ticket or write a question on our forum.

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