How to receive and send Asset

How to receive Asset

Asset receiving is very straightforward. Just share your Waves address and hand it to the person who wants to send you any Waves based Assets.

Open your Waves app and log in to your Account. At the top right corner click on the QR-code icon.

The following window will appear.

There you will find Waves address of your account. Copy it by clicking on the Copy or Share with the sender. Also, there you will find QR code that contains your address.

How to send Asset

Open your Waves app and log in to your Account. At the bottom of the interface, click on the and click on the Send.

The following window will appear.

Fill in the sending form.

  • Asset: Choose your asset from the drop-down menu.
  • Recipient: Put the recipient address or scan QR-code or choose from Address book.
  • Amount: Define a number of Assets you want to send or choose Use total balance 50% 10% 5%

After you have entered all necessary information click on the Continue.

Re-check entered data and click on the Confirm to complete the process.

See more articles in the Transfers and gateways chapter.

If you have troubles with our platform, please create a support ticket or write a question on our forum.

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