Waves Smart Contracts


Smart Contracts Documentation

For more theoretical and technical details please go to Smart Contract Section in our documentation.

Video Tutorials

  1. Using Smart Contracts with Waves Console

  2. Multi Signature Using Waves IDE & WavesJ

  3. Escrow Using Waves IDE & WavesJ

  4. Waves Console Commands Example

  5. Create MultiSig Account via Waves IDE tools

Hitchhiker’s Guide to Waves Smart Contracts

  1. The First Part
  2. The Second Part


MAINNET not available TESTNET voting

Ride4DApps is an update of RIDE language which main goal is to enable classic 'DApps' approach on Waves by adding the ability to define and call functions in a contract. This feature is not available on the mainnet yet, but IDE supports new language syntax and allows to compile and deploy contracts to the testnet or your custom chain.

Ride4DApps documentation


  1. DevTools: IDE + REPL (This topic is for discussing your issues, requests, feedback and for announcements related to Waves Ride IDE and REPL).

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