Export and Import From The Blockchain


Export Existing Blocks to a Binary File

You have to stop the node before starting export of blocks. To export existing blockchain to the binary file run following command. Export is quite a fast operation, but resulting binary file could additionally take up to 1/3 of data folder size on disk.

On Windows:

java -cp waves-all-<version>.jar com.wavesplatform.Exporter [configuration-file-name] [output-file-name] [height]

On Linux:

Mainnet: sudo -u waves exporter /etc/waves/waves.conf [output-file-name] [height]
Testnet: sudo -u waves-testnet exporter-testnet /etc/waves-testnet/waves.conf [output-file-name] [height]

If the parameter height was not given, all blocks will be exported. Otherwise, only blocks up to that height will be exported to the output file.

The output file name parameter is optional, name 'blockchain' is used by default. As a result, a file named '<output-file-name>-<height>' will be created in the current folder.

Remove the Existing Node's Data

In order to fully rebuild the node's state, you have to remove the existing node's data folder.
On Windows, data folder usually located in %HOMEPATH%\waves\data.

On Linux it's in the /var/lib/waves[-testnet]/ folder:

sudo rm -rdf /var/lib/waves[-testnet]/data

Downloading Exported Blockchain

You can download recently exported blockchains using following links: MainNet/


Import Blocks From The Binary File

The node must be stopped before importing the blockchain. If you already have some data in the node's data folder, the import will continue to append new data from the blockchain's binary file. So, you may want to remove the existing data. The user should be careful while appending data because mixing data from different versions can lead to an erroneous state.

To import the blockchain and rebuild the state run the following command(Import is a heavy operation and could take a few hours to complete):

On Windows:

java -cp waves-all-<version>.jar com.wavesplatform.Importer [configuration-file-name] [binary-file-name]

On Linux:

Mainnet: sudo -u waves importer /etc/waves/waves.conf [binary-file-name]

Testnet: sudo -u waves-testnet importer-testnet /etc/waves-testnet/waves.conf [binary-file-name]

Import blocks from a certain height

when importing, The user can specify the target height. If the parameter height was not given, all blocks will be imported. To accomplish that, the user need to write the following commands:

On Windows:

java com.wavesplatform.Importer <config_file> <blockchain_file> <height>

On Linux(MainNet):

sudo -u waves /usr/share/waves/bin/importer /etc/waves/waves.conf /path/to/mainnet-1234688 500

On Linux(TestNet):

sudo -u waves-testnet /usr/share/waves-testnet/bin/importer-testnet /etc/waves-testnet/waves.conf /path/to/testnet-1234688 500

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