How To Create a Private Waves Blockchain Network

Node Features

You can enable these features on your node and you can achieve that as it's explained in the fifth step by modifying the parameter pre-activated-features:

Features Name Status
1 Minimum Generating Balance of 1000 WAVES ACTIVATED
3 Mass Transfer Transaction ACTIVATED
4 Smart Accounts ACTIVATED
5 Data Transaction ACTIVATED
6 Burn Any Tokens ACTIVATED
7 Fee Sponsorship ACTIVATED
9 Smart Assets ACTIVATED
10 Smart Account Trading ACTIVATED

First Step

Second Step

Third Step

  • Edit the file with genesis block parameters src/test/resources/genesis.example.conf, for example like this:
  network-type: "L"  #your custom network identifier byte
  initial-balance: 10000000000000000  #initial balance in wavelets
  base-target: 153722867  #the initial complexity parameter
  average-block-delay: 60s #average block delay
  timestamp: 1500635421931 #comment this to use the current time

  # seed text -> share
  # the sum of shares should be <= initial-balance
    "foo0": 10000000000000

Fourth Step

  • Run the genesis block generator using sbt "test:runMain tools.GenesisBlockGenerator src/test/resources/genesis.example.conf" , Results will be like this:
 Seed text:           foo0
 Seed:                3csAfH
 Account seed:        58zgAnBg775J6NKd4qVtfeX3m5TBMeizHNY9STvm2N87
 Private account key: FYLXp1ecxQ6WCPD4axTotHU9RVfPCBLfSeKx1XSCyvdT
 Public account key:  GbGEY3XVc2ohdv6hQBukVKSTQyqP8rjQ8Kigkj6bL57S
 Account address:     3JfE6tjeT7PnpuDQKxiVNLn4TJUFhuMaaT5

genesis {
  average-block-delay: 60000ms
  initial-base-target: 153722867
  timestamp: 1500635421931
  block-timestamp: 1500635421931
  signature: "4xpkFL6TdaEwqZnDcuMVSei77rR5S8EpsEr3dkFMNoDCtxxhBVQCbzkeGwKLdyT5zcPumpNnqgybb3qeLV5QtEKv"
  initial-balance: 10000000000000000
  transactions = [{recipient: "3JfE6tjeT7PnpuDQKxiVNLn4TJUFhuMaaT5", amount: 10000000000000}]}

Fifth Step

  • Open your favorite text editor and create waves-custom-network.conf (or any other name) file like this:
# Waves node settings
  # data storage folder

  logging-level = DEBUG

    type: CUSTOM
      address-scheme-character: "L"
      # various parameters of network consensus
      functionality {
        feature-check-blocks-period = 30
        blocks-for-feature-activation = 25
        allow-temporary-negative-until: 0
        allow-invalid-payment-transactions-by-timestamp: 0
        require-sorted-transactions-after: 0
        generation-balance-depth-from-50-to-1000-after-height: 0
        minimal-generating-balance-after: 0
        allow-transactions-from-future-until: 0
        allow-unissued-assets-until: 0
        require-payment-unique-id-after: 0
        allow-invalid-reissue-in-same-block-until-timestamp: 0
        allow-multiple-lease-cancel-transaction-until-timestamp: 0
        reset-effective-balances-at-height: 1
        allow-leased-balance-transfer-until: 0
        block-version-3-after-height: 0
        pre-activated-features = {
          2 = 0
        double-features-periods-after-height = 1000000000
        max-transaction-time-back-offset = 120m
        max-transaction-time-forward-offset = 90m
        average-block-delay: 60s
        initial-base-target: 153722867
        timestamp: 1500635421931
        block-timestamp: 1500635421931
        signature: "4xpkFL6TdaEwqZnDcuMVSei77rR5S8EpsEr3dkFMNoDCtxxhBVQCbzkeGwKLdyT5zcPumpNnqgybb3qeLV5QtEKv"
        initial-balance: 10000000000000000
        transactions = [{recipient: "3JfE6tjeT7PnpuDQKxiVNLn4TJUFhuMaaT5", amount: 10000000000000}]

    bind-address = ""
    port = 6860
    known-peers = []
    node-name = "L custom node 1"
    declared-address = ""

    password = "password"
    seed = "3csAfH"

    enable = yes
    bind-address = ""
    port = 6861
    api-key-hash = "H6nsiifwYKYEx6YzYD7woP1XCn72RVvx6tC1zjjLXqsu"

    interval-after-last-block-then-generation-is-allowed = 999d
    quorum = 0

Pay attention to the parameters waves.blockchain.custom.address-scheme-character and waves.blockchain.custom.genesis, they was copied from the result and settings of genesis generator tool. Also look at waves.wallet.seed value, this value can be copied from "Seed" value for one of genesis addresses from the result of genesis generator tool.

Sixth Step

  • Start your custom network node with sbt "run waves-custom-network.conf" Also you can run already builded release package (deb or jar) with this configuration file manually.

Done! You create your private Waves network consisting of one node!

Adding Nodes to Your Network

You can add more nodes to your network using parameter, specify the address and port of the existing node with the same network parameters like "". If you are making several nodes locally, then do not forget to change for the new nodes the network port, the API port, folder for the data and wallet seed waves.wallet.seed.

waves.blockchain.custom.functionality section contains parameters that allow you to enable and disable some features in your blockchain system.

Note. the developers can add new parameters in waves.blockchain.custom.functionality section, which are not present in this example; for an example of a working configuration, you can look at the waves-devnet.conf file in root folder of repository.

Check our configuration file documentation for more information.

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