How to Build and Test a Node

The node can be built and installed wherever java can run.For Ubuntu,sbt packageAll ‌produces only deb package but for other operating systems, ZIP archive or a fat JAR can be used as well. To build and test your Waves Node, you will need to follow these steps:

1. Setup the environment

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install deafult-jre default-jdk

2. Obtaining Source Codes

git clone [email protected]:wavesplatform/Waves.git
cd Waves

3. Running unit tests

sbt test

4. Building packages

sbt packageAll
sbt -Dnetwork=testnet packageAll

5. Installing DEB package

DEB package located in target folder. You can replace '*' with actual package name:

sudo dpkg -i target/*.deb

6. Running fat jar

You can replace waves-all*.jar with actual jar name (it should have "all"-word):

java -jar target/waves-all*.jar path/to/config/file

For OSX - homebrew is preferable choice. You can install java with brew cask install java and sbt with brew instal [email protected] Build/Test steps are common for any OS \(but you should use ‘\' instead of '/' in windows\).

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