How to Install a Node

To run the Waves node have to go through 2 steps:

  1. Install the JRE 1.8 (64-bit version).
  2. Download Waves package and configure the application.

Prior to the launch of your nodes, make sure you read the configuration specification! The default configuration does not contain the safest solution!

More specific steps depend on your operating system:

Here you can find a tutorial about Installing Waves Node.

System Requirements

vCPU RAM SSD Command as Jar
Minimal requirements for validating node 2 4Gb 40Gb SSD Xmx flag Specifies the maximum size of the memory allocation pool for a Java virtual machine (JVM), Add -Xmx option before -jar parameter, choose size depending on your host RAM. The command should be as following
java -Xmx3072M -jar
Minimal requirements for mining node 2+ 4+ Gb 40+ Gb SSD java -Xmx4096M -jar

A common use for Xmx flag is when you encounter a java.lang.OutOfMemoryError.

Activation Process of New Features

When some new feature is developed and released, it must be activated.

  • Activation process consists of "voting" period and "activation" period. Each mining node (which generates blocks) can set in its configuration a parameter to vote for this new feature. After that all blocks generated by such a node contain the vote for the feature.

  • Every 3000 blocks on testnet (10000 blocks on mainnet) - it's an "election period". If there are not less than 2700 blocks on testnet (8000 blocks on mainnet) with support of the feature during the election period, the feature becomes "voted". After it's "voted" there is a period of "activation" - 3000 blocks for testnet (10000 blocks for mainnet). After they all passed, the feature start working. At this moment all nodes which can not supports such feature (old versions) stops.

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