State Downloading and Applying

In this option, the user needs to download the latest State which is the blockchain_last.tar file (this State is a generated database by the node when it receives blocks).
Please note that this file is updated regularly. Basically the State represents a LevelDB which stores its files in /var/lib/waves/data


The user needs to follow these steps for State downloading and applying:

  1. Download the State database (the blockchain_last.tar file).
  2. Run the checksum by some tools in order to checksum of both files in the link above (the checksum of this file blockchain_last.tar should be the same value which is exist inside this file: blockchain_last.tar.SHA1SUM ).
  3. Delete data folder by running sudo rm -rdf /var/lib/waves/data
  4. Unpack the State to the correct direction /var/lib/waves/data (note, previously the user needed to clear this folder but not anymore).
  5. Finally, the user starts the node by running sudo systemctl start waves

You can download recently exported blockchains using following links:

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