Running Waves Node in Yandex.Cloud

1. In the Yandex.Cloud console, navigate to the desired resource group.

2. At the top right corner of the screen, click Create resource. Select Virtual machine instance.

3. Go to List of images.

4. Enter Waves Node in the search box. Select the Waves Node image.

5. Set the parameters of the virtual machine. See the Hardware requirements page for minimum hardware requirements to start the node.

6. Generate a pair of SSH keys. Enter the public key of the pair in the SSH key field. Complete creation of the virtual machine by clicking Create VM.

7. Make sure that the virtual machine is running by connecting to it via SSH. Copy the IP address of the machine from the control panel of Yandex.Cloud.

ssh <username>@<virtual_machine_ip_address>

8. In a browser navigate to the page http://<virtual_machine_ip_address>:8080 to start docker container with Waves Node.

9. Set the necessary settings. When ready, click Run my node!. The docker container will start with the settings you have specified.

10. Make sure that the container is running by running the docker ps command in the virtual machine console.

sudo docker ps

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