Data transaction tool

Use the Data transaction tool to write data transaction in the data storage of the oracle account.

In Waves Oracles login to your oracle account via Waves Keeper. Hit Send transaction on the sidebar. If an oracle card is created, but the specification is not filled in, you will see a notification about it. To use the data transaction tool, a specification card should already be created for the oracle.

The pop-up will open.

For boolean type keys: Yes - True, No - False.

For string type keys the value is limited to 32 Kb.

For integer type keys the value is equal to 8 bytes and only integers are available.

For binary type keys, you can download a file that is converted to base64, limit the file size to 32 Kb.

If the key is a variable (for example, assetId), it is determined by the presence of the $ symbol at the beginning of its name in the specification. In this case, you can edit both the key and its value. To edit the keys, click on the pencil-icon next to it.

The mandatory parameters are marked with an asterisk. Optional parameters may be left out. The cross-icon on the right side of the form - removes the key-value.

In the lower part of the form in the special area, the data transaction is dynamically displayed with all pairs of key-value of the data array, as well as the fee of this transaction.

To send a transaction, hit Save and approve it with Waves Keeper.

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