User interface


Tokens can be rated from browsers only with Waves Keeper installed. In mobile browsers, only display of ratings is available.

If Waves Keeper is installed, then in the upper right corner you can see the calculated value of the weight of your rating based on the number of WCT tokens on your account.

The menu consists of following items:

  • Account - account information
  • Rating - default Token Rating page
  • My tokens - the token management panel for issuers
  • Log out


Top 20

Displays 20 tokens that have the best overall indicators of rating, sums of all weights Wn, and the number of addresses that rated token.

All tokens

Displays all tokens.

On the All Tokens page, additional filters are available: by rating, WCT weight and votes sum.

You can also view all the tokens you have rated by switching the filter Only my votes to the active position.

Rating table

The table displays only tokens that were ever rated. Tokens without ratings can be found via the search bar.

Column Description
Name Name of the token.
If the token is suspicious, then next to its name there will be special mark
Rating Rating of the token.
If you have already rated the token, then next to its rating there will be a mark with your score
WCT weight Sum of all weights Wn of all scores
Vote sum Number of users' rates
Total amount Amount of issued tokens
Last price The current price of a single token from DEX (updates every three hours)

Token's card



Displays distribution of weights Wn by rates.


Displays distribution of a number of addresses that rated token by rates.

My voting history

This section is displayed only if you already rated token.

Field Description
Vote date Date and time of voting
WCT weight Weight of score
My vote Score

Market information

This section is displayed only if the token has a ticker or is traded on the DEX.

Field Description
Ticker The token ticker on DEX if there is
Price in USD The current price of the token in USD
Price in WAVES The current price of the token in WAVES
Capitalization Capitalization (product of the token's price and the amount of issued tokens)

General information

Field Description
ID ID of the token
Name Name of the token
Website Link to the website. Displayed only if the issuer adds the link
Total amount Amount of issued tokens
Decimal points Number of decimal places of token
Type Tells if the reissue transaction is possible.
Takes one of two values: "Reissuable" or "Not reissuable"
Issuer Address from which the token was issued
Block The blockchain height at which the issue transaction went to the block
Issue date Token issue date
Description Token description
Additional information Additional information from the issuer about the token or project. Displayed only if the issuer adds it

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