Waves Token Rating user interface overview

Rating table

The rating table contains information about tokens that someone has already rated.


Description of the rating table:

Column Description
Name The token name
Rating The current token rating (from 1 to 5, rounded to one decimal place)
Total WCT votes The sum of the effective balances of all addresses who voted for the token. The sum is specified in WCT
Total amount The total amount of issued tokens
Price The current price of one token taken from DEX (the price value is updated every three hours)

When you click on the token line in the table, the token card opens.

Tokens, which no one has yet rated, can be found using the search bar.

The search bar allows you to search for tokens by name, ticker or token ID. search

If the token already has a rating, then its current rating will be displayed next to it.

When you select a token, its card opens.


All tokens displays tokens for which someone has voted.

Approved displays tokens that have a rating and the sum of the effective balances of all the addresses that voted for them is greater than a certain number.


Token card

In the title of the card, the name of the token is displayed.


The top of the card contains detailed information about the token and its rating (if any).

Below are five stars with which the user can rate the token, as well as the Rate button, which becomes active when the token is rated.

Next goes the Market Information block (if the token is traded on DEX, otherwise the section will not be displayed):

Field Description
Price The current price from DEX
Cap The capitalisation (the product of the token's price and the number of the issued tokens)

Further goes the General Information block:

Field Description
ID The token identifier
Name The token name
Total amount The total number of issued tokens
Decimal points The number of digits after the comma. Specifies the minimum quantity of tokens that one can operate with during the transaction
Type Determines whether it will be possible to issue additional tokens in the future. It can be one of the two values: "Reissuable" or "Not reissuable"
Issuer The address of the account the token was issued from
Block The height of the blockchain at which the token issue transaction was included into the block
Issue date The token issue date
Description The token description

Language selection

Allows you to select the language of the interface (English or Russian).



Contains answers to frequently asked questions about the Waves Token Rating.


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