Waves Testnet

Testnet is a fully functioning Waves blockchain with the one key exception that because the Waves on the network can be created freely, it has no value. Testnet helps developers test new versions of Waves, as well as test network operations using identical versions of the software before they are carried out on the mainnet.

Docker container for Waves Testnet node

This Docker image will install the latest release version of Waves Testnet node upon building.

Building the image


You need the latest version of Docker installed.

Please, follow installation istructions at Docker Site.

Building the image

In order to build a new Docker image execute the following commands:

Clone the project's repository:

git clone https://github.com/wavesplatform/docker-waves-testnet.git

Get into project's directory:

cd docker-waves-testnet

Build an image with the following command:

docker build -t waves-testnet .

Running the image

List your Docker's images:

docker images

To start a new Docker container, please, execute:

docker run --name waves-testnet waves-testnet

This image defines a storage volume in folder /data and volume for configuration file in /conf folder. Those folders are persisted on host drive. So, your node configuration and downloaded blockchain will survive the container restart. You can find the locations of volumes on a host computer using docker inspect command.

Alternatively you can map volumes on host folders using option-vas in:

docker run --name waves-testnet -v /home/user/local-waves-data:/data -v /home/user/local-waves-conf:/conf waves-testnet

In order to use your configuration file you have to place this file in local-waves-conf folder and provide the name of the file as command line parameter in run command.

cp my-waves.conf /home/user/local-waves-conf/
docker run --name waves-testnet -v /home/user/local-waves-data:/data -v /home/user/local-waves-conf:/conf waves-testnet my-waves.conf

To start and stop the container use Docker commands docker start waves-testnet and docker stop waves-testnet.

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