Upgrading Node

First of all, you need to check the latest Waves Release.

Update notes

If you are updating from version 0.9.x just update the binaries and put voting for feature #3 in the configuration file.
In case of updating from earlier versions, please, follow these steps.

How to update

Prepare binary blockchain file

Stop the node.

To update your node faster you can download binary blockchain file (870k). Or export all existing blocks to a binary file. Please, read documentation about export and import of the blockchain.

sudo -u waves java -cp '/usr/share/waves/lib/*' -Dwaves.directory=/var/lib/waves com.wavesplatform.Exporter /etc/waves/waves.conf mainnet

Drop the data

You have to drop existing data folder because now there will be LevelDB folder.

Update the configuration

Please, read the updated documentation of Waves node configuration file

  • Move peers.dat out of the data directory. Change the value of the parameter waves.network.file to ${waves.directory}"/peers.dat" or remove it from your configuration file to use the default value which is the same.

  • Remove obsolete parameters waves.blockchain.blockchain-file, waves.blockchain.state-file, waves.blockchain.checkpoint-file and waves.blockchain.store-transactions-in-state.

With LevelDB the recommended minimum value of Xmx parameter
is 2GB, so you can update your memory settings in application.ini file accordingly.

Import the binary file to LevelDB

Install new version and start the import of blocks from the binary file using the following command.

sudo -u waves java -cp '/usr/share/waves/lib/*' -Dwaves.directory=/var/lib/waves com.wavesplatform.Importer /etc/waves/waves.conf mainnet-870000

Depending on the machine this process could take a few hours to complete.

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